The NBG Holding is the mother company of the NBG company structure (except of NBG Fiber GmbH). It was founded and it is operated by the family Bauer.

The need for fiber optical cables is rising every year. At the beginning of each optical fiber stands a solid glass rod, the preform. And so not only the need for the end product increases, the need for preforms is doing it as well. The only company that meets this need and quality standards in the western world is the NBG Fiber GmbH, the first and only preform factory in Europe. Based in Austria the NBG Fiber GmbH is able to produce European quality preforms for 5,2 million fiber optical kilometer per year.

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FCT Fiber Cable Technology GmbH was found in 2003 and is the only neutral producer and supplier of stainless steel tubes with integrated optical fiber. FCT focuses also on the research and development of new cable types. The ability to tailor to the customer’s specific needs through extensive research and development skills makes the difference in FCT’s steel tube products.

NBG FOSA GmbH, provides turnkey solutions in the field of fiber optic sensing applications. Such as structural health monitoring, distributed temperature and strain sensing or weigh in motion concepts. The use of fiber optic sensing provides for a variety of substantial advantages. It is resistant to electric- and electromagnetic radiation, the measurement accuracy lies within the threshold of a few percent, and no electric power or data transmission systems are needed at the point of measurement.

The flexKom Kommunikations Service GmbH based in Lower Austria is the specialist for fiber optical network technology. As such FlexKom plans, installs and maintains fiber optical components and networks in Austria and neighboring countries. What makes the difference in quality is the know-how, that has grown over the last 20 years and the not stop to do so, such as the fiber optics technology itself.

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Bernstein Innovation GmbH is one of the most innovative 3D printing companies worldwide. As a plastic printing specialist Bernstein has a focus on selective laser sintering technology and on the development of products that are manufactured to suit customer requirements perfectly. With 3D printing it is possible to produce single products, that fit a special need, such as prototypes, as well as whole product series.

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