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FCT or Fiber Cable Technology was one of the first companies within the NBG Group. OPGW was in the early years the main product, which was sold globally. Over time FCT evolved into a tailor made fiber in metal tube manufacturer, with a deep understanding of the FIMT manufacturing process, which is unmatched on a global scale.  

Machine park

Machine park

In order to meet the increasing demand for fiber optic metal tubes, the FCT company is currently equipped with two cladding lines, two respooling lines and two coloring lines. Each of the machines is unique due to its customized and self-built key components. Why self-built? Our technical engineers of FCT have a lot of experience with stainless steel tube cladding lines from different vendors. Due to increasing requirements in quality, production speed and specialty products, our engineers have improved and added parts to the existing machines, until they had changed almost everything on them. This enables us to offer products with the tiniest tolerances in an incomparable flexibility – even for our special sensing products.


Laser 1: 1500 Watt

Laser 2: 2700 Watt

Coloring Line: up to 2000m/min


Product use

Clients of NBG/FCT are smart companies, who always face the challenge to add fiber optics to their products for further processing or use them as final product in the field. The requirements to a fiber in a tube are optical constancy combined with the lowest possible attenuation. Given that FCT/NBG is able to offer these characteristics in their FIMTs, the tubes are perfectly suitable for implementation in ground wires (OPGW) or even in optical phase conductors (OPPC). For military uses the cables are equipped with special protection, such as reinforcement and plastic layers. There are many options to provide the FIMT with all the characteristics making it resistant against the harshest conditions, like extremely high hydrostatical pressure, high temperatures and much more. With the appropriate protection of a FIMT, it also performs great on subsea application, either as direct installation or as tube, which is going to be integrated in bigger ones, like umbilical cables. Last but not least, our products also perform well in the Oil and Gas industry. Irrespective of whether the tubes will be used downhole or whether they are intended to connect drilling stations, these products are not designed to only survive the jobs, they are made to last. The current rapid growth of optical sensing applications is partly FCT/NBGs merit, as we have developed a unique and easy way to use fiber in metal sensors for all kinds of measurements like strain, temperature, vibrations and much more. Our skilled developers, fiber specialists and the great R&D center allow to develop sensing products that are based especially on customer needs.

Of course, there are a lot more possibilities for the use of Fiber in Metal Tube products. FCT/NBG has great engineers, who are always happy to help you with a tailor-made solution.

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