Polymer protection

The outer polymer layer provides advanced mechanical protection and guarantees the best possible acoustic transmission.

Perfect fiber coupling

The fibers are in contact with the steel tube the entire cable length, allowing direct coupling for the best acoustic signal.

Perforated steel tube

Perforations enhance the acoustic performance by 40% without compromising the overall mechanical strength of the cable.

We created Sonosens in partnership with another premium manufacturer in the photonics sector, OFS. Together, we developed the most advanced acoustic sensor on the market. Sonosens massively enhances the acoustic transmission for professional Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) applications, offering a 40% better acoustic transmission than common FIMT (Fiber in Metal Tube) constructions.

The design is unique. The sensor is protected with a metallic layer, creating a robust cable that guarantees the maximum lifetime of the application. Ultimately, it has become the popular choice for a wide range of acoustic sensing projects. So if you’re looking for a durable fiber optic sensing cable that outperforms standard cable designs, this is it.

Sonosens has set new standards in acoustic sensing, and it’s a product we’re proud to make available. If you want an expert Distributed Acoustic Sensing solution, get in touch today to speak to one of our experts.


Overall diameter4.00 mm
Total cable weight approx. 23 kg/km
Number of fibers (250µm)3
Rayleigh enhanced fiber type1x AcoustiSens™ by OFS
Telecom fiber type2x NBG Onelight G.652.D
Operational temp. range-40°C up to +80°C
Ohmic resistance approx. 0.83 Ohm/m
Ultimate tensile strength*> 560 N
Max. operational tensile force*220 N
Crush resistance*> 8.000 N at 100 mm
* at 20°C

All values, product specifications and other given data are subject to change without notice to improve reliability, function, design or otherwise. Information contained in this data sheet are up-to-date as at the date of issue. As NBG cannot control or anticipate the conditions under which this product may be used, each user should review the information in specific context of the planned use. To the maximum extent permitted by law, NBG will not be responsible for damages of any nature resulting from the use or reliance upon the information contained in this data sheet.

Product overview created by Patrick Weissinger – 21.03.2019

Optical fibers

Perforated metal tube

Plastic sheath


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