Stranded Double Layer FIMT

Armored Optical Fiber Cable

Our Stranded Double Layer FIMT (RDT) provides the highest possible optical fiber protection, suitable for harsh environments. The armored optical fiber cable performs in extreme temperatures ranging between -60°C to +300°C (-76°F to 572°F), and it withstands mechanical stress and environmental influences to offer maximum optical lifetime.

We produce the RDT using a wide array of steel grades. The configuration could have as many as four inner tube layers, meaning clients only pay for the performance they need. As many as 192 optical fibers fit into the design; it’s the perfect solution for fiber optic sensing and data transmission.

If you’re looking for an armored optical fiber cable for Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) in harsh environments, contact us today to talk to one of our experts. We offer custom solutions, so we need to hear about your project before responding with the best approach for you.


Product abbreviation RDT
Cable usage Data Transm. & Sensing
Total outer diameter 2.5 mm and up
Approx. Cable weight 28 kg per km and up
Filling compound H2 absorbing optionally
Max. Fiber count144 (250µm) and 192 (200µm)
Operational temperature range -60°C up to +600°C
Maximum continuous length Up to 22 km
High mechanical strength Tests acc. latest standards
Cost effective steel grade mixing Wide range possible

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