Trisens Core

Trisens is our ultra-thin signature optical sensor. With an outer diameter of just 1.3 mm, Trisens is optimized for Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS), and Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS). It also performs tremendously well when faced with other sensing applications and data transmission.

Trisens weighs only 4.7 kg/km, incredibly light for a high-performing optical sensor. As a result, it’s an excellent sensing solution for direct installation and comes ready for deployment. Additionally, its uniquely thin diameter and low weight make it a preferred option for integration in larger optical fiber configurations.

Contact us today to speak to one of our experts about the Trisens Core. We always listen to the details of your project before responding with a bespoke solution. By delivering customizable solutions, we ensure that every project has the best chance of success.


Product abbreviation TCT
Cable usage Sensing
Outer diameter 1.3 mm
Approx. Cable weight 4.7 kg per km
Tube material High anti-corrosive
Operational temperature range +/- 15°C range on request
Type of fibers G.657 A1
Perfect usage for Different sensing jobs
Central Brillouin Frequency 10.6 GHz – 10.8 GHz
Strain sensitivity dfB/dɛ 490 MHz/%
Temperature sensitivity dfB/dT 1.1 MHz/°C
Maximum continuous length Up to 10 km

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