FBG based Fiber Optic Sensing solution integrated into the asphalt. 

Smart Parking is the IoT parking solution for smart cities.

Smart Parking is an innovative concept that tries to solve the problems of managing large parking spaces in developed urban areas. It does so by using NBG’s most substantial assets – creative thinking and fiber optic sensing technology.

Smart Parking works by implementing fiber optic pressure sensors directly into the asphalt of city streets. As a result, the city management and city drivers can instantly know in real-time, precisely which parking spaces are occupied or available.


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The advantages of using fiber optic sensors in Smart Parking

Fiber optic sensor monitoring doesn’t require a power source – fiber sensors operate by emissions of light along the full length of the cable. This reduces the operational expenses and monthly bills for electricity.

Moreover, the longer is the fixed line of converted Smart parking slots is, the more the efficiency and efficacy of the technology increase proportionally over time as well.

As a result, Smart Parking can help balance the city budget by drastically lowering operational expenses for parking administration, including salaries for patrols and technicians, while increasing the average turnover and profits from:

  • collected fines
  • proper usage of parking for people with disabilities
  • appropriate tonnage and size of the parking vehicles
  • paid subscriptions on time
  • used charges on charging stations

Basic requirements to create a Smart Parking platform.

An essential prerequisite for the concept is its overall digital integration to a more extensive information platform. For example, the sensing devices can be linked to a cloud parking platform, which can deliver the information to an operator and a separate portal or an app for drivers.

The practical application of fiber optic sensors under the streets will require additional extensive research into the later stages of development.

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The future development of the Smart Parking concept

For example, the proper roll-out of the sensors for different types of parking spaces needs to be clarified – as parallel, single or parking spaces for the disabled have different dimensions.

The other stakeholders and partners in this project, such as construction, asphalt, and road work companies, will have to be with previous experience working with FIMT (Fiber in metal tube).

The final stage will require precise calibration of the fiber optic light sensors to take into account all of the project variables, including fiber loss per km, etc.

In a final proof of concept (PoC) of the project, the idea of Smart Parking will require careful evaluation if it is the right choice for the proposed used cases, and the advantages outweigh the risks.

Regardless of the results, NBG is looking with optimism into the future as one of the top fiber optic cable manufacturers in Europe.


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Project Manager

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